Tools for productivity that improve coordination and communication

Any team setting needs its members to get along well. Thanks to communication technologies, workers and managers may effortlessly share data, talk in real-time, and give real-time updates on their work.

For remote or mixed teams, collaboration technologies might be beneficial. For instance, compared to simple email or chat, video conferencing solutions provide a stronger sense of connection and teamwork among employees.


For your business, consider using these technologies or Stats by Accely for cooperation and communication:



Slack is essential if you’re prepared to stop using emails altogether. This team communication software interacts with programs like Dropbox and Google Drive that you most likely already use. It allows you to communicate with team members and issue reminders.



It’s no secret that over the past few years, remote work has grown in acceptance and usage. Even if it’s practical, many people yearn for the interpersonal aspects of working life. Zoom video is called upon for assistance! With the help of this video conferencing application, up to 500 people can simply connect.


Visit Meeting

Try GoTo Meeting for a more engaging video conferencing tool. With features like screen sharing and highlighting tools, you can turn a straightforward online meeting into a conference call so you can highlight crucial portions of the screen.


Productivity tools that aid in maintaining focus at work

People will take much longer to do their job if they cannot focus on them. This may result in missed deadlines and delayed deliverables. Worker focus can be maintained by using productivity tools to reduce distractions.

The Pomodoro approach, which divides responsibilities into 20- to 30-minute chunks with short breaks (three to five minutes in between), has improved focus. Pomodoro-inspired apps make it simple for employees to follow the method.


Here are some productivity-enhancing methods for improving focus:


Focus Enhancer

By supporting the Pomodoro approach, this practical tool promotes healthier work habits. Concentration is increased when people concentrate for brief periods. Additionally, it logs sessions in a timesheet for convenient access.



Making handwritten meeting minutes? Not at all. Evernote functions as your personal assistant and makes it simple to take, organize, and share notes. You may also include audio, links, and attachments with this note-taking tool for thorough reporting.



The most effective distraction blocker is freedom. To keep your attention where it belongs, you can configure it to restrict apps and websites on your work. This is for you if you check social media throughout the workday!


Calendar management and scheduling productivity tools

Most people’s workdays inevitably include meetings. It takes time to schedule and manage appointments, onsite or remotely. This is especially true when working with numerous individuals with numerous conflicting schedules. Tools for managing calendars are helpful.

Shared calendars, for instance, make it simple to see when people are available for meetings. Reminders for meetings can also be created, saving time on preparation. Even repeat meetings and notification sending can be automated by scheduling software, eliminating the need for further practice.


The following tools for managing your calendar make scheduling meetings simpler:



Thanks to this appointment scheduling software, there are no more back-and-forth emails to coordinate meeting times. Give the link to anyone who wants to plan time with you after setting your available hours in the scheduling tool. Additionally compatible with Zoom, Zapier, and Slack, this helpful software.


Calendar. online

This tool learns your daily schedule using artificial intelligence. Then, it frees you from tedious tasks like setting up meetings and reminding people of events. You can also view analytics on your time usage. For improved functionality, integrate the tool with iCal, Outlook, or Google Calendar.


Calendar on Google

You may arrange and manage meetings with this straightforward tool from a computer or mobile device. For teams, the shared calendar feature is beneficial. Thanks to the integration of Google Tasks and Calendar, to-do lists will be a snap.


Efficiency tools for streamlining work

A task can be completed more quickly the simpler it is. That makes logical, no? The most fundamental productivity tools are focused on making work-related tasks simpler. Many activities can be facilitated by task management solutions, from document sharing to invoice generation and password management.

Consider a profession like managing passwords as an example. Most people need to remember several different passwords. These passwords must be complex for the company’s security, making placing them even more difficult.


People don’t have to stress about getting locked out while preserving security because password managers like LastPass make it simple to save log-in information securely.


The following are some other highlights in this category:


Drive by Google

A program for storing documents in the cloud is called Google Drive. Collaboration can be made simpler by sharing files that have been uploaded with others. Additionally, you may add notes and comments to papers directly, simplifying tasks like content editing for everyone.



You may make quick shortcuts to essential links with Oslash. There is no need to copy and paste links or use bookmarks anymore. Without wasting time emailing or chatting for links, you can quickly collect, manage, and share essential connections with teammates.



Workflows can be automated using Zapier. It has many uses that you can think of. Set up a trigger first, such as getting an email. The action that the trigger should perform can then be specified, such as copying any email attachments to your Google Drive and alerting you via Slack. Additionally, Zapier provides pre-built workflows.


OSlash equips quick-thinking teams with quick-thinking shortcuts

In the workplace, increasing productivity is a typical objective. But what exactly does it take to complete the job more quickly and simply? The resources we discussed in this article can be helpful.

Finding and sharing complicated, time-consuming URLs is one activity you don’t want to waste time on during a busy workday. While a deal is being closed, searching for a specific invoice document could hinder your chances of winning the new client.

OSlash, please. With OSlash, you may quickly access that document by typing o/invoice into your browser instead of spending hours looking for it.

Make long URLs memorable shortcuts to make them simple to remember, save, and distribute. You have one less item to stress about at work. What is there to dislike about that?

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