Right Cocktail Glasses: 18 Different Types

Bartenders need to know how to use a variety of bar tools and barware when bartending. It doesn’t matter if you are stocking bar carts in your home or providing professional bars, it is important to understand the differences between basic cocktails glasses. Below is a list of common glasses that you will likely find in a well-stocked bar.

Beer glassYou can serve beer in different glasses, depending on what type it is. Professional and home bars have a tradition of using beer mugs and glasses. There are many types of beer glasses: standard pint glasses; pilsner glasses; and stein glasses.

Brandy snifter A brandy snifter consists of a glass with a narrow stem and a large bowl that the drinker can hold in their hands. The majority of stemmed glasses are designed to keep heat from transferring to the drinker’s hand, but the brandy snifter’s short stem is intended to do the opposite.

Champagne flutes: These are tall, slim stemware that is used to pour champagne or other sparkling wines. These glasses are used to prevent heat transfer from the hand to champagne, and to keep sparkling wines from going flat. Champagne flutes are the most common glass to serve sparkling wine. There are many champagne glasses, including champagne tulip or champagne saucers.

Collins glass. Collins glasses are tall, narrow glass that is used for mixed drinks. They are similar to highball glasses but are slightly taller and narrower. Collins glasses can be used to make a variety of mixed drinks. Included the Tom Collins Its name is derived from it.

Irish coffee glass. Traditional Irish coffee is served in thick, glass coffee mugs with sturdy handles to prevent the drinker from getting burned. Many Irish coffee glasses are curved to prevent toppings such as fizz and whipped cream from spilling.

Coupe glass: The champagne saucer is sometimes used interchangeably with the coupe. A wide-bowled stemmed wine used for drinking from plastic champagne flutes. Cocktails like the Sidecar are a great choice. And The Aviation.

Copper mug: Moscow Mules wouldn’t be Moscow Mules if they weren’t served in their iconic copper mug. Copper keeps the drink cool with its handle that curves outwards to stop heat transference.

Cordial glass, also known as a dessert glass, is designed to hold very little liquor. It’s usually used after-dinner drinks. The cordial glass is similar to a shot glass, but it has a stem and can hold only two ounces.

Highball glass: Highball glasses are tall and narrow glasses. They are shorter than Collins glasses and taller than rocks glasses. These glasses can be used to serve mixed drinks and spirits on the rocks.

Hurricane glass: Hurricane glasses: These are flamboyantly shaped glass that has an arcing curvature. They can hold up to 20 ounces of liquid.

Julep cup: Tin or silver cup made specifically for Mint Julep. A Julep glass is designed to protect Mint Julep’s shaved Ice from the heat of spring Kentucky Derby days.

Margarita glass: Margarita glasses have a wide bowl and are shaped like a stemmed glass. They can hold iced Margaritas or blended Margaritas.

Martini glass martini glasses are a classic cocktail glassware item since the early 1900s when they were created as an alternative to the coupe. Martini glasses are classic cocktail glasses. Most home bars have a Martini set for mixing mixed drinks such as Manhattans and Martinis.

Nick & Nora glass: Nick & Nora glasses, modern versions of the coupe are more bell-shaped than a standard coupe.

Red wine glass standard red wine glasses are designed to showcase the bold aromas and flavors of red wines. They have a wide bowl that allows the wine’s aromas to reach the nose and mouth.

Rocks glass rocks glasses set is an essential part of any home bar. There are two types of rocks glasses: single and double. Both are sturdy and small, but the double is slightly more robust than the single. You can use rocks glasses to serve spirits straight or on the rocks. Cocktails like the Old Fashioned.

Glencairn whisky glass these glasses were originally created by the Glencairn distillery, Scotland. They are now the standard for Scotch whisky glasses. These glasses are shaped like a Tulip with a broad base that curves up to a narrower crown.

White wine glass white wine glasses are very similar to red wine glasses, but they are slightly smaller because lighter tastes and smells require less space to mix and air.

How to choose the right cocktail glasses

Every type of cocktail glass is not necessary for every home bar. When choosing the right glasses for your bar, there are many things to consider:

  • CostDrinking glasses and cocktail glasses can be quite expensive. Start small if you are new to mixology. Then, expand your collection as you go.
  • Use it quickly- Some cocktail glasses are easier to clean than others. You might consider which glass is more durable when choosing between a regular Martini glass or a stemless Martini.
  • Cocktail glasses are less fragile than other kitchen essentials, such as stainless steel cookware and ceramic plates. When shopping for glasses, be sure to look out for dishwasher-safe labels and sturdy glasses.
  • Space You might consider reducing the number of stemmed glasses and tumblers you buy if you have a small bar or home bar. You should consider how much shelving you need to store your glassware. Also, think about whether you will need additional space for flatware, dinnerware, or other essentials in the kitchen.
  • Different types of drinks before you rush to stock up on specialty cocktail glasses are, think about what kinds of drinks you are likely to make. You have the right equipment. Before you buy the right glassware, make sure you have bar tools such as strainers, cocktail shakers, and cutting boards.

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