Mold Test Kits: Which One To Choose?

This is a shocking truth. You could have mold in your house right now, and not even know it. Mold spores can be invisible because they are small and lightweight enough to slip through windows and onto clothing. The good news is that most of the over 100,000 species of mold found on Earth are harmless, even when present in small quantities. Unfortunately, some molds can produce chemicals called “mycotoxins.”Mycotoxins are far from harmless!

Mycotoxins can cause a host of health problems in humans. Undiscovered mold infestations in a home are one of the most common ways people get infected with these harmful microbes. The mold test kits are designed to detect trace amounts of mycotoxins or environmental dust in your urine and can help you to determine if your home or body has been affected by the disease. A good mold test will not only help you get the right medical treatment but also be accurate and quick to detect the problem early on. RealTime Laboratories’ mold testing kits are both accurate and quick!

RealTime Labs is Different -These are the things that make our mold testing kits so special.

AccuracyOur environmental kits and urine tests can detect at least 15 different types of mycotoxins. The EMMA test can detect 15 different mycotoxins and 10 types of toxic mold. Do not let a false positive delay your treatment. Get a full profile of all mycotoxins that you are currently facing. Each kit can be used to test your own skin or surface samples for mold growth.

It’s simple. Test kits are available online without the need for a prescription. You can order a set online and have it delivered right to your home. Each test comes with a pre-paid return package. You only need to provide the required urine or other environmental material, depending on the kit. Within 10 business days of receiving your sample, we will send you an encrypted email with your lab results. It’s easy, convenient, and private. Send the samples to the laboratory with a small amount of urine or dust.

Support Looking for help understanding your test results. Are you unsure how you came in contact with this mycotoxin? Looking for a trusted, reputable mold remediation company in your local area? We can help. RealTime Laboratories has a variety of resources on its website, including videos and fact sheets. Our medical and technical experts are available to help you with any questions. We also offer consultations over the phone. We want our clients to feel as confident and educated as possible when fighting mold-related diseases.

Reliability.RealTime Laboratories was established in 2005. They have performed more than 200,000 molds and mycotoxin testing. Our mold/mycotoxin testing kits are among the most advanced available. These kits are so reliable that professional environmental inspectors often use them. Both the College of American Pathologists (USA) and the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (USA) have accredited us. Trust us for mold testing and our products are guaranteed to be high quality. Each kit comes with a detailed report that will detail the health effects of black mold and airborne mold spores.

Urine Mycotoxin Test

Urine Mycotoxin Tests are great for checking for mycotoxin exposure in yourself and your family. This mold inspection and testing are painless and non-invasive. They’re also very easy to use. Our experts can spot up to 15 different mycotoxins that cause illness by analyzing a tiny amount of urine.

If you have high levels of mycotoxins in your body, it is usually a sign that mold is growing in your home. The first step in implementing a mold remediation strategy is usually a positive test. This can also be the first step to treating an undiagnosed disease.

Mold Test Kits for Home

Your health can be affected by the indoor air quality in your home. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your home is as free from mold as possible. Our assessment of Environmental Mold and Mycotoxins, or EMMAIt is possible to test your home with a small amount of dust or material taken from an air conditioner or heating unit. Our advanced testing and analysis will reveal mold and other mycotoxins that DIY mold tests won’t detect.

EMMA can detect as many as 10 types of toxic mold and 15 types of mycotoxins. EMMA’s lab analysis and results show that it is far more advanced than what meets the eye. This is not your typical DIY mold test kit. It’s a professional piece of equipment that would be right at home in an expert mold remediator’s toolkit.

Pet Mold Test Kit

Mycotoxins have a reputation for causing health problems in mammals. Our Pet Mycotoxin Test will help you monitor your four-legged family members. This mold test kit will help you identify potentially harmful molds in your home and property.

A small amount of urine is all that’s required to test your pet for 15 clinically significant mycotoxins, just like our kit for humans. You can save yourself a stressful and expensive trip to the vets.

RealTime Labs vs. The Competition

Although inexpensive environmental mold tests can be purchased at Walmart,, and other sites, they are not as good as professional analysis kits from RealTime Labs. The EMMA kits can only detect the most dangerous molds and mycotoxins. They also only show positive results when the substances are present in clinically significant quantities.

Although a bargain-price detector kit might produce a petri dish stuffed with grime that is flashy or alarming, it won’t likely paint a complete picture of the mold problem in your home. You cannot accept substitutions! Our mold test kits are the most advanced on the market. Our mold testing kits in-home guarantee quick results and professional lab analysis. This will alert you to any mold growth or spores in the home.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

“Does mold’s presence indicate that a house has been neglected or is it dirty?” “Mold can’t possibly cause me to get sick because I keep my house clean…right?

Mold can thrive in homes that aren’t maintained well. However, even the best-maintained homes can have problems. Mold can grow in walls, under carpeting, and other difficult-to-reach areas. The mold spores can withstand vigorous scrubs with soap and water. This renders standard cleaning efforts ineffective. People can also inadvertently cause mold hazards by refusing to part with valuable items that have been damaged by water or not drying out rooms quickly enough after a flood. People also believe mold must be visible mold where it can be seen spreading on surfaces. However, there are many types of mycotoxins that can spread without being noticed.

Mold can affect anyone. However, mold exposure symptoms should not be ignored if someone is experiencing symptoms.

“I have heard many things about black mold being dangerous. What exactly is black mold? What can your test kits tell you if I have been exposed to black mold?

Although it isn’t common in nature, black mold can thrive inside man-made structures. Black mold infestations usually occur due to water damage or long-term moisture accumulation in an enclosed area. Attics, bathrooms, and basements are all vulnerable to this type of mold growth. Trichothecenes have been linked to chronic and acute respiratory problems in humans. These include nasal inflammation, excessive mucus secretion, and damage to the olfactory system. They can also adversely affect the synthesis and function of protein and DNA, which could cause havoc in the body.

It can be frightening to think about black mold. However, all our test kits can detect trichothecenes within a given urine sample or dust sample. Our Real Time Laboratories can spot black mold even though it is hard to find.

“Do your test kits’ prices include shipping/return postage/lab analysis?”

Yes. RealTime Laboratories doesn’t charge extra for basic services, unlike other labs and test kit manufacturers. Shipping, processing and all other aspects involved in getting your results are included with every mold test kit purchased.

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