Everything That You Need To Know About Mattresses

It can be tiring to replace your mattress. It can be exhausting to navigate the web and decide between foam and springs.

Instead of putting stress on yourself, follow these tips by Lexie Sachs Senior Textiles Analyst at Good Housekeeping Institute to help you navigate the world mattress.

Where to Buy a Mattress

You don’t have to lie down in the store. With their easy shipping options and no-cost trial periods, mattress in-a-box companies have attracted thousands of customers. Online mattress purchasing has experienced a significant boom but it is not for everyone. Here are the facts.

If you are…

If you desire a wider selection of Crushed velvet beds, https://www.hugoandsons.co.uk/beds/crushed-velvet-beds/, and feel them before you buy, go the traditional route. Never pay more than what you see in the sales and never hesitate to ask the salesperson for a discount. Many stores offer the removal of your mattress. It can be overwhelming, and it is difficult to compare prices so you know if your purchase is worth it. It is dangerous to rush the decision and try out different mattresses in order to find the best one. Before you make a decision to buy a mattress, take time to relax without feeling any pain or pressure.

If you are looking to shop online…

If you are having trouble making decisions, this is a great alternative. There are less options. You can even shop online! Most mattresses arrive in a box and are delivered to your home within days. There is very little risk. The price you pay online is final. However, it does not include any markups if the product is purchased in a physical shop. You will need to put it together and remove your old mattress.

In either case, be sure to ask about the return policy. Are you unhappy with your purchase? If you purchased it in a physical store, you may be eligible for a partial refund. However, online companies will often pick up the mattress and return 100% of your money. You should be able to test the mattress risk-free for at least one month before you make a purchase.

These are the Best Mattresses Online

Most popular

$995 for a queen


Casper is synonymous to “mattress in a box”. The four layers of foam offer comfort and support. Our testers loved it, especially the under-40 crowd. You can choose between a version with fewer layers and a more expensive with more layers.


$575 for a queen

Tuft & Needle

Although Tuft & Needle’s price was lower than its competitors, it still ranks high as a top-rated mattress on Amazon. The basic model is made up of two layers of foam. One is a firm support layer at the bottom, and one is a cooling, cushy layer at the top. The friendly customer service was a big hit with our panel.

Most Versatile

$899 for a queen


Are you unsure if you want a firm or soft option? You can have both with this foam style: flip your mattress to adjust the support level. Copper is integrated to keep you cool and prevent overheating, which is often associated with memory foam.


$1499 for a queen

This box-free mattress option will take away the need for a lot of packaging . This mattress is made from inner springs, and it is much like the luxury mattresses you already love. Every purchase includes a 6-month trial and the option to have your old mattress removed for free.

How to Select Your Perfect Mattress

There are three types of mattresses that you will find: innerspring foam, adjustable, and foam. Although there is no “best” mattress material, side sleepers require a soft mattress. While stomach sleepers need one that is firm, those who sleep on their backs need one that is firmer. You’ll also need to consider other factors, such as the firmness and type of mattress. Here are some things to consider based on your specific needs, including how you sleep and how you negotiate with your bedfellow.

You want a bed with bounce

The traditional innerspring styles have a familiar bounce and may feel firmer. Interconnected coils can be extra-durable. However, individual “pocketed”, coils that are covered with fabric reduce ripple effects caused by someone moving on one side.

If you want a more solid base

Memory Foam Options offer less spring and more pressure relief. The density and thickness will determine the depth you sink. Online mattresses are more modern and use multiple layers of foam. The top layer provides support, while the top layer is lighter and cooler for comfort.

Want a plush top

Innerspring mattresses usually have a fiberfill layer or foam outer layer covered in quilted ticking. Even if you are looking for a luxurious feel, a pillowtop that is thick can become brittle over time. It is best to select a firmer, more comfortable mattress and cover it with a replacement mattress topper.

You can change it

An air-filled mattress like Sleep number has a remote control that adjusts how much air is in it. You and your partner can adjust the mattress’s firmness independently by having two chambers side-by-side. You can also find foam mattresses, such as the ones from layla, with both soft and firm sides.

If your side is asleep

A surface that supports your body weight and conforms to your body shape is important. Innersprings can provide more pressure relief than other foam or latex mattresses. However, a Soft Foam Mattress with pressure relief points around the hips and shoulders, or a mattress with pressure relief points around your hips and shoulders, may be suitable for side sleepers.

You can sleep on your stomach

A stomach-sleeper will not want to sleep on enveloping memory foam. It would feel like it was smothering. A firmer mattress will give you the best support. You can choose from a dense innerspring, a foam mattress, or an air-filled mattress.

You can sleep on your back

You will need something in middle. This is a surface that supports your spine but also has some flexibility to keep it in a healthy position. Any of the types of mattress will be comfortable, but it’s best to do your best princess and the pea impression to find what feels right to you.

If you partner turns and tosses all night

You might consider an innerspring mattress, with pocketed coils or memory foam latex, or a double-chamber, air-filled mattress. All medium-firm mattresses will have excellent “motion isolation.” These models may not be as comfortable for restless sleepers, since they aren’t tolerant of one’s movements.

If your preferences are different

You can use the air-filled mattress with dual chambers to help. Or, visit the online mattress company Helix. You can complete a questionnaire to receive a customized side based on your responses.

If you sleep hot

It is easy for manufacturers to get carried away when they claim that a mattress has cooling properties. This is especially true when you consider all of the layers (protectors and toppers, sheets, etc.) that are added to the mattress. However, latex and foam can retain body heat. This is especially true if the sheets are very soft or if your body sinks into them. This problem is being addressed by newer technology. You can also accessorize your bed using toppers or sheets with cooling benefits.

If your allergies

Foam and latex both have an inbuilt antimicrobial property and are resistant to mold and dust mites. To keep allergens away, make sure you cover innerspring or air with fiberfill.

If your back hurts

Latex and/or memory foam are best for back pain sufferers, as they mold to your body.

Concerned about chemicals

To feel more confident in your purchase, look for foams that have been certified by CertiPUR-US.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what is most important

A hybrid-style mattress is a combination of the buoyancy and motion isolation of innerspring cores by some smart manufacturers. This hybrid mattress is a great option for couples who have different sleeping preferences and disputes.

When and How to Replace Your Mattress

An extended warranty might not guarantee a particular lifespan. It could be invalidated if the mattress becomes stained from not using a mattress protector or if the foundation used underneath the mattress isn’t matched (like a boxspring).
Most mattresses last between 5-10 years. You should consider other warning signs to help you decide when your mattress is time for replacement. Are you feeling sore when you wake up? Are you feeling lumpy on your mattress? Are you able to sleep better on other mattresses like in a hotel? These are all indicators that you should shop. You can extend the life of new mattress by using a mattress protector. This protects against dust, allergens and other dangers.

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